With the training, hands on education and acquired skill sets our students develop, our pupils graduate with the ability to successfully seek and maintain employment, as highly accomplished pet groomers or assistant groomers.

General Course Information

Admissions Requirements:

  • All applicants must be processed through a general interview with the Director.
  • Students may enroll at any time during the calendar year.
  • Classes are held on an ongoing basis.
  • Each student will develop individual skills by structured guidelines.
  • Daily records are maintained on each student's progress.

Entrance Requirements:

  • Student Enrollment Form must be completed.
  • $100 Application Fee and deposit is due prior to the 1st class.
  • An Interview with Director is required.
  • Student schedule must be agreed to by all parties.
  • Terms of agreement must be signed.
  • A Grooming Kit must be paid for in full within the first 2 weeks of classes. (unless other arrangements have been agreed to by all parties prior)

Courses Offered:


(300 Hours Required)

Assistant Groomer

(150 Hours Required)

Full and part time training is available


5 days per week choice of Mon-Sat, 6 hours per day.
Achieve Pro-Groomer graduation in approx.10 weeks .

Assistant Groomer:

Achieve Assistant Groomer, graduation in approx. 5-7 weeks.

Part-time attendance is available Scheduling will be determined with the Administrator at the time of the candidates initial interview.

Pro-Groomer: Total 300 Hours

Pet’s Playground Grooming School is committed to teaching the highest level of quality grooming skills to students wishing to pursue a career as a professional groomer. Our main objective within our 300 Hour Pet Grooming program is to help students learn all the essential elements to become a finished groomer and quickly begin a paid career working within a grooming shop or grooming facility environment. Student upon request will also receive assistance in training for a career such as mobile grooming, working independently through a Vet, or opening a grooming shop. We encourage a graduate to work in a grooming shop that has seasoned groomers, at least in the beginning. This will allow for hands-on experience while being paid, with the back-up of other seasoned groomers. We will assist however, any student wishing to start a solo career. This will even include ongoing phone support from our instructors during normal business hours.

Assistant Groomer: Total 150 Hours

An Assistant Groomer is capable of doing all aspects of grooming critical to a groomer with the exception of finished work such as expert scissoring. Skills include proper techniques in: bathing, brushing, blow-out, de-matting, cleaning ears, clipping nails, expressing anal glands, rough stripping/finished stripping (cats & dogs), and pads/sanitary clean-up. An assistant groomer is a welcomed position in many grooming shops. Assistant Groomer certificates will be issued upon course completion, and placement assistance is offered for this program upon graduation.

Please Note

We do offer an excellent opportunity for Assistant Groomer Graduates from our school.
Should a student decide to continue on with the Pro-Groomer program, 100 credit hours of the 150 hours completed
may be applied toward the Pro-Groomer program. This leaves an additional 200 hours to be completed, to become a fini
shed groomer (300 hours minus 100 hours = 200 hours). We are unable to accept all 150 hours, as many specifics that
are covered in the Pro-Groomer program, will have been introduced by 100 hours into the 300 hour program.

Sample Curriculum INFORMATION:

( Some of the below items do not apply to the Assistant Groomer Program )

  • The Pet Grooming Profession
  • Equipment, it's proper use and care
    Clipper & Scissoring techniques (i.e., layering, skimming, blending stripping & thinning)
  • Anatomy of Pets
  • Dog & Cat Handling (Safe handling and restraint of domestic animals)
  • American Kennel Club and Rare Breed Recognition
  • Bathing & Brushing techniques
  • Breed Trims (styles of the most popular breeds according to recognized standards)
  • Trims for Mixed Breeds
  • Medical & Skin Problems
  • Pet Nutrition the do's and don'ts of proper nutrition
    Shop & Kennel Management
  • Upselling, specials, add-ons, extras that make you stand out
  • Customer relations and satisfaction (developing people skills)
  • Working with Vendors
  • Work Related Injuries and How to Avoid Them
  • Do's and Don'ts to starting your own grooming shop

Tuition Costs and Payment INFORMATION:

Pro-Groomer Program:

  • Registration Fee $100.00
  • Tuition Fee $3,900
  • Grooming Supplies $840
  • TOTAL: $4,890.40
  • (+tax on equip.)

At various times during the year, the school may run promotions on the grooming kit, call to find out if any promotions are in effect.

Assistant Groomer Program:

  • Registration Fee $100
  • Tuition Fee $2,000
  • Grooming Supplies $840
  • TOTAL: $2,990.40
  • (+tax on equip.)

In-house Financing/Payment Programs are Available.

Pet Grooming Kit In Detail:

This comprehensive grooming kit includes all the tools you will need for class as well as making the transition from grooming school, to beginning your grooming career.

Your Kit Includes The Following:

High quality, durable Smock in black or teal, monogrammed with "Your Name"
and "Pet's Playground Grooming School"

Wahl KM2 Speed Clipper with:

  • 10 blade
  • 3F blade
  • 4F blade
  • 5F blade
  • 7F blade
  • 15 blade
  • 30 blade

Arco Moser Cordless Trimmer

7 1/2 Medium/Course Comb, Greyhound Style

Soft Wire Slicker Brush

Snap On Combs:

  • 1.5
  • 2
  • 3

6.5" Shear - Curved Ball Tip

8.5" Shear - Straight

6" Thinning Shears

Professional Nail Trimmer - Standard

Matt Breaker De-Matting Comb

Medicated Ear Powder

Ear Care Cleaner

Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder

All-Breed (160) Grooming Book

  • (Pet's Playground may make substitutions or additions from time to time as necessary to provide the highest quality products)
  • For assistant groomers, the 8.5 Shear will be deleted and replaced with additional #10 & #7F blades which are used heavily by assistant groomers.

Some Additional Important Notes:

License Number 2359

Licensed by the Commission for Independent Education,
Florida Department of Education. Additional information
Regarding this institution may be obtained by contacting
the Commission at 325 W. Gaines St., Suite 1414
Tallahassee, FL 32399.

Credit hours toward tuition may be applied on a per case basis for related experience. Examples of experience include Vet Tech, Assistant Groomer, Hair Stylist, Kennel Work, etc. Employment Placement Assistance for U.S. Residents and authorized foreign students only. We do not guarantee jobs after the completion of the program; however, demand for qualified groomers is high.

The school can network with its grooming contacts, to locate any employment opportunities that may be available to you.

For those students attending from Out-of-State or Out-of-Area

We Are Located:

  • 15 minutes from Fort Lauderdale Airport
  • 30 minutes from Miami Airport
  • 40 minutes from West Palm Beach Airport